Thursday, November 24, 2011

Weigh-in number 5

After my super late update on weigh-in number 4, I thought I'd share weigh-in number 5 at once. As usual, let's start by looking back:

On October 26th, the scales showed the following:

111,4 kg
Fat %
40,3 %
Fat mass
44,9 kg
Total body water
48,7 kg

Today, on November 24th, the scales showed:

Weight102,9 kg
Fat %32,5 %
Fat mass33,4 kg
Total body water50,9 kg

To summarize:
Weight-8,5 kg
Fat %-7,8 %
Fat mass-11,5 kg
Total body water+2,2 kg

Weight-35,7 kg
Fat %-14,3 %
Fat mass-31,5 kg
Total body water-3,1 kg

I was wearing tights at my weigh-in today and asked my instructor if I should take them off since the scale measures body fat etc. He said we could try with the tights and take them off in case the numbers seemed inaccurate. He felt that the fat% and fat mass seemed odd so he asked me to take the tights off. When I did the scales showed an even lower fat% and fat mass :-)

REALLY pleased with this week's results, 8,5 kg lost but 11,5 kg of fat lost! :-)

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