Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear blog!

Dear blog!

I'm sorry I'm neglecting you so terribly. I've been awfully busy lately as Christmas is getting closer and the days just seem to have too few hours.

I can report that my scales at home have finally given me the best early Christmas present: I now weigh less than a hundred kilos! Yes, I'm back to to two numbers instead of three before the comma, and god it feels good! :-)

My next official weigh-in will be next week, one week early, due to the upcoming holidays. I will report back after that. Still going strong without food, and I must say I have fantastic support from lots and lots of people, both at home, at work and around the world thanks to Facebook :-)

Thanks so much for making this journey so rewarding!

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  1. Kul med en i samma område som en själv som kämpar med vikten. Snart är du nära ditt mål ju :) Lycka till