Friday, September 30, 2011

Old lady?

Thanks hubby. Love you too. Hrmpf...

Nothing like when people tell "how it really is". Hubby has been very supportive and encouraging every step of my weight loss. He tells me when he notices changes in my body (and with 20 kg lost, there are some changes for sure!). But - last night, he pointed out a huge disadvantage of losing weight fast (20 kg in under 2 month surely qualifies as "fast"). "Honey, you have to start doing some exercise, you are getting all wrinkly!" Oh no! Am I starting to look like an old lady??? According to hubby, I'm getting "wrinkly" not only around my tummy (which I have noticed) but also around my legs.

So this weekend, I will dive into my workout magazines and look for the best body firming exercises I can do at home. Don't want to end up with huge amounts of excess skin around my body!

Any advice?


  1. Hi Tina! Just read about your blogg on fb, and I wanted to let you know how proud I am of you.
    I imagine it so hard, maybe harder than to stop smoking - but I know you have the strength to do this.
    Sorry for my cheeziness... ;)
    Lots of love! Anne

  2. Hejsan!

    Jag har skickat mail till dig. :) Vill ha svar på dem det allra närmaste så jag vet att allt är ok och att du får dem. :)

    Ha det gott!

    M I N D I