About me and the blog

About me

I'm Tina. Born in Germany on June 20th 1979, I soon realised on frequent family trips to Scandinavia that I wouldn't stay in Germany my whole life. In 1996 I went on an one-year exchange to Sweden with AFS. Hands down, best decision of my life - AFS and my year abroad changed and still is changing my life! I fell in love with Sweden and the people and ended up staying indefinately. It's been 15 years now and I still love it. These days I'm married and live in the beautiful city of Jönköping. I'm still a very active AFS volunteer, organizing AFS camps, coordinating my local chapter and being a part of AFS Sweden's Pool of Trainers. When these things don't consume all of my spare time I like to be with my family and friends, read, work out and surf the internet.

Also, just recently I became a distributor for Forever Living. Having tried the products myself before I decided to take the leap in January 2014 and start to get involved more. My goal is to become a Manager within a year or two.

About the blog

I started this blog for several reasons. I would like to

  • keep track of my weight loss for my own sake
  • let my friends and family know how I'm getting along
  • be open to the world about my numbers - they are what they are, better to have it out in the open - makes it harder to fall back
  • be able to get some support from my readers - comments more than welcome!
  • hopefully be able to inspire others to take charge of their weight loss

    Why in English? My previous blog was in Swedish, but I decided it would be easier to have an all English blog instead since so many of my friends live abroad and since I'm reading lots of English speaking blogs myself.