Monday, June 9, 2014

Milestones and Fitcamp

Today's weigh-in made me very very happy. So did last week's as I lost 1 kg, but this week I kept it up and lost 2,5 kg! I'm amazed at how well my body keeps responding to the programme and the only regret would be to not having starting earlier... 

I am however seeing major improvements in my fitness level, both when it comes to our walks (work has been busy so I've mainly been walking on weekends) - yesterday we improved our time per km by over 30 seconds compared to our first walks - and my ability to take part in the Fitcamp exercises. Fitcamp is a Tabata class held by Herbalife. Since I've already been eating the way Herbalife recommends I have chosen not to purchase their products, but the Tabata classes are free nonetheless so I've been going twice a week now and have also "recruited" a few new participants (stepdaughter and bestie). At first I was cautious about the warm-up routine since it includes a lot of jumping around, something I am careful with as to not getting injured (lots of kilos = lots of impact), but last Thursday I felt like I has really able to participate fully and boy did it feel good! 

One concern I have been having is that I might be eating too little on weekends... We have breakfast after our walk, so around 11 a.m. Then it's a late lunch/dinner at 5 or even 6 p.m. followed by some fruit salad. I try to have a snack in between breakfast and the large afternoon meal but I might be getting too few calories after all. Must keep an eye on this I think.

Let's see what the new week brings! A full week of work followed by a short week next week including Midsommer's Eve and my birthday. 

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