Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weigh-in number 3

Yesterday it was time for my third weigh-in. The numbers were really pleasing to say the least:

On August 31st, the scales showed the following:
Weight126,6 kg
Fat %45,3 %
Fat mass57,4 kg
Total body water50,7 kg

Yesterday, On September 28th, the scales showed:

Weight118,3 kg
Fat %43,6 %
Fat mass51,6 kg
Total body water48,8 kg

To summarize:

Weight-8,3 kg
Fat %-1,7 %
Fat mass-5,8 kg
Total body water-1,9 kg


Weight-20,3 kg
Fat %-3,2 %
Fat mass-13,3 kg
Total body water-5,2 kg

I also filled in the xtravaganza wheel, and I'm doing quite well on all points except the mind training. I just don't seem to remember to listen to the CD - I like those 15 minutes in the beginning of each class, but at home I just don't do it. I've decided to "schedule" these 15 minutes in my calendar, trying to do it at least 3 times a week.

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