Monday, November 14, 2011

To see the results you've been craving

Had a great weekend! One thing that's been on my list for quite some time now has been to a) get my legs waxed and b) try on my clothes that I had to put away once I was well off the wagon last time around. So on Saturday it was time for those two things. Legs smooth I tried on lots of clothes Saturday night, and - success! This will be a fall/winter with skirts skirts skirts. I've always loved skirts but have rarely used them. So now I have lots of cute skirts that fit me perfectly (even had to discard a couple that were more or less falling off me!).

Now I just need to unearth the sweaters that will go with them... :-)

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  1. Kikar in. :)

    M I N D I

    Du vet väl att vi kör TJUVKIK på Julswappsbloggen nu:
    Om du inte redan har lagt upp det så hoppas jag att vi får se din tjuvkik det närmaste. :)