Monday, April 21, 2014

My body is crazy...

Whoopsie daisy. No blog entry for 3 weeks. But - it's now Easter Monday and I have another blissful day off work. Time to recharge the batteries and get some work done around the house. I wish I could say I'd been super productive AND taken hourlong walks all weekend, but none of that would be true... I've slept in, spent time with the family and have just been plain lazy :-) Well, I DID try on all the trousers in my bottom drawer (those which have been too small before), and what can I say - that bottom drawer is now empty and I have no less than 6 "new" pairs of trousers to wear!

About that crazy body: Since today is Monday, it was time to step on the scales. For the last few weeks the weightloss has been pretty mediocre with just about 0,8-0,9 kg lost per week. Turns out my body seems to have been holding out, because this week I've lost 3,7 kg!!! I have no idea what I've done differently this week, other than eating Easter breakfast with work on Wednesday (I even had some bread!). Super happy that my colleague J. seems to be right - she hadn't been in for a week or so and remarked on me looking "much skinnier". Well, I still weigh 126 kg, but with 13,6 kg lost there should be a difference, right?

The next few weeks hold some fun adventures - my parents coming today to stay at the summer house for 1,5 weeks, a two day trip with work, my dad's birthday and another 4 days off work. I shall, uhm, try to get some more exercise in - I really feel like I have to start toning my body more.

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