Tuesday, April 1, 2014

4 weeks, 7,9 kg!

So yeah. That thing about blogging every couple of days? Didn't really happen. But - I can happily report that I'm doing great! I passed the 4 week mark yesterday and my weigh-in showed a loss of 7,9 kg. Almost 2 kg per week! Could I be anything but pleased? 

I have been getting on very well I think. The first few days on the tough diet were pretty hard, but I went to my inner strength and pulled through. Now I'm on a less tough yet effective plan that works out perfectly for my lifestyle and I have taken up lunch walking as well (thankfully the weather is looking pretty good here in Jönköping). I now have a shake for breakfast, some fruit as a mid-morning snack, a healthy meal for lunch (low carb, high in vegetables, lean meat), some fruit in the afternoon and then a shake for dinner. Alternatively, I can have a shake for lunch and then have a proper dinner - I like how flexible I can be with this!

I try to stay clear of putting up too many goals this time around - I know I would be bitterly disappointed if I failed to meet them. However I can already feel some clothes fitting better and will soon be able to try on things in a smaller size. Great feeling I tell you!

I set a goal of 40 km walking for the next 30 days - my regular lunch walk is 2,7 km so this shouldn't be un-achievable at all! I will not be able to walk every single day because of meetings but I always have the possibility of walking home instead (same distance). 

I'll try to keep you updated on a more regular basis from now on!

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