Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back on track!

Well. It's been a while. Erm... No good excuse really, only bad ones. Some of you may or may not have followed my progress "the last time around" on Metrobloggen. Feel free to check back and see how I did. No weight loss posts after January 2010 - I guess you can imagine what happened... Well, I stuck with the programme until the summer (even ran the 5k I mentioned wanting to do), but after that it went downhill. And downhill. And downhill. I told myself I would get back on the wagon time and time again, but it never happened.

Until this summer when I just was fed up with it. Deciding I couldn't ignore the facts anymore (and deciding I had bought my very last pair of pants in a bigger size than I dare admit), I set a date for a "fresh start". And what better date than the 1st of August, being a Monday and also the day I was back at work after my summer holiday.

So 1½ years after stopping to weigh myself (seriously, I didn't once step on the scales - though my clothes were telling me how bad it was), I stepped back on the scales at Xtravaganza yesterday and here we are, back on a vanilla shake in the morning, an asparagus soup at lunchtime and my beloved chocolate mousse at night. 1½ days so far and it feels great to be back!

I will list my weigh-in results in the next post, and I'm hoping for some encouraging cheering on. Please? :-)

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